Superior Institutional Investment Management


M & B Capital’s institutional investment management operations is primarily tasked with delivering our refined industry analysis, ultra-responsive trade execution and portfolio management services to the managers, trustees or CIOs at each of our client institutions. 

Global Insights, Expert Execution

Global Insights, Expert Execution From insurers to pension funds, trade unions to municipal organizations, M & B Capital provides the trusted insight and invaluable expertise that makes the difference to their targets.

institutional investment management operations are driven by a group of professionals with wide-ranging experience in equity sales and trading. Their primary responsibility is to ensure that the explicit investing requirements of our institutional clients are met.

Connecting Investors To Corporates

We have profound knowledge of the stocks and bonds of the corporations we research and the markets on which those instruments trade.

Here at M & B Capital, it's our belief that our institutional clients deserve managers prepared to leave no stone unturned in our effort to bring them closer to the companies they're investing in.

Our sales trading teams organize investor "meet-and-greet" events that place investor and key figures at corporations face to face. We also host corporate teams at various functions at which they can keep our sales traders up to date with developments.

Institutional Services

Institutional Trading

Understanding you and your objectives promotes a positive experience based on performance and quality service standards.

Balanced Strategies

Investment capabilities across all asset classes to optimize the allocation strategies to meet the investment requirements of your organization.


Global research across regions and sectors in pursuit of uncovering value driven investments outside the overcrowded sphere represented by the more obvious blue-chip stocks.

How We Can Help Your Organization

Your organization needs an impartial perspective on market performance in order to maintain a long-term focus that may often be swayed by short-term volatility. At M & B Capital, our institutional asset management services are designed to provide you and your organization with the understanding and flexibility required to realize your investment objectives.

- Institutional equity sales and trading platform.

- Custom strategies balanced to align with organizational objectives.

- Global research network focused on value driven investments.



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