Institutional Trading

Superior Sales Trading

M & B Capital's institutional clients are able to leverage an institutional equity sales and trading team that ranks among the most seasoned anywhere in the financial markets.

Usually, our salespeople bring an average of 15 years of sales trading experience to the table and, moreover, the connections they have cemented with clients have been cultivated and sustained for what, in some cases, has been their whole career.

Wide-ranging Expertise

The M & B Capital’s equity sales business consists of over 20 market professionals who work closely with numerous institutions in Asia, Europe and the US.

Their backgrounds encompass explicit knowledge of technology, utilities, energy production, raw materials and FMCG. Our salespeople are particularly skilled at grasping complex ideas, business streams and profiles of growth companies with a view to disseminating those concepts to our institutional investors.

Consummate Professionalism

M & B Capital’s sales professionals are primarily tasked with delivering our refined industry analysis, ultra-responsive trade execution and portfolio management services to the managers, trustees or CIOs at each of our client institutions. In order to achieve this, every member of the equity sales team has to be as good as “substitutable” with our research analysts. This basically means their knowledge of the companies we invest in, their business and the unique qualities of their stock has to be on a par with M & B Capitals’s career analysts.

The sales team’s working relationship with M & B Capital traders borders on symbiotic. The team makes certain that profitable trading endeavors are relayed to the institutional trading desks quickly and in a way that facilitates the most gainful result. We believe that this degree of business professionalism is what serves to set M & B Capital apart from our rivals.


Institutional Research

Identifying and capitalizing on value driven opportunities that exist outside the overcrowded sphere represented by the more obvious blue-chip stocks.


With a global focus on both developed and emerging markets,
we are better positioned to manage volatility by participating across a
range of sectors in a number of key performing economies.

- Local and regional expertise throughout the global emerging market place.

- Diversified portfolio management to mitigate the effects of volatility.

- Access to institutional level investment opportunities.



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