The Cornerstone of Our Success

Our institutional investment management operations are only as effective as the research they base their recommendations on. M & B Capital’s equity research is a central pillar of our business.

Our practice is home to over 30 professional, certified research analysts who, between them, research more than 400 corporates in seven key industry sectors including Technology, Life Sciences, Mining and Natural Resources, Energy, Manufacturing, Financial Services and Telecommunications

Our research findings are distributed to an ever-growing list of institutional clients around the world who appreciate the compelling, pithy insight we provide into niches within the wider sectors under our purview.

Spreading The Net

M & B Capital prefers to find value in opportunities that exist outside the overcrowded sphere represented by the more obvious blue-chip stocks; indeed, many of our institutional clients share our sentiment towards what we see as only marginal upside potential of many of the large-cap stocks.

Our research efforts are not restricted only to the broader sectors or to selected growth companies; we also scrutinize supply chains and we pay particular attention to how developments in seemingly unconnected industries can affect trading conditions and profitability for our growth companies and their stocks.

Finally, in order to better enable our clients to make sense of the immense body of research data and information we produce, our analysts and our chief economist can also be read, heard and seen commenting extensively on markets and the forces driving them in industry publications, news outlets and network television broadcasts.

Consummate Professionalism

M & B Capital’s sales professionals are primarily tasked with delivering our refined industry analysis, ultra-responsive trade execution and portfolio management services to the managers, trustees or CIOs at each of our client institutions. In order to achieve this, every member of the equity sales team has to be as good as “substitutable” with our research analysts. This basically means their knowledge of the companies we invest in, their business and the unique qualities of their stock has to be on a par with M & B Capital’s career analysts.

The sales team’s working relationship with M & B Capital’s traders borders on symbiotic. The team makes certain that profitable trading endeavors are relayed to the institutional trading desks quickly and in a way that facilitates the most gainful result. We believe that this degree of business professionalism is what serves to set M & B Capital apart from our rivals.

How We Can Help Your Organization

Your organization needs an impartial perspective on market performance in order to maintain a long-term focus that may often be swayed by short-term volatility. At M & B Capital, our institutional asset management services are designed to provide you and your organization with the understanding and flexibility required to realize your investment objectives.

- Institutional equity sales and trading platform.

- Custom strategies balanced to align with organizational objectives.

- Global research network focused on value driven investments.



Private Investors

Providing organizations with access to exceptional liquidity, powered by technology and the instinct of specialist trading expertise.


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