How We Work

Getting To Know You

The moment you engage M & B Capital, our focus centers on you. We assign you one of our seasoned professional advisers who will be charged with becoming familiar with your investment needs and aspirations. Targeted questions designed to get you to open up about your goals are asked and close attention is paid to your current liabilities, assets, existing portfolios and the way you see your financial future. Your adviser will then work closely with you to construct a bespoke investment plan that's as unique as your circumstances.

Dealing With Risk​

Your adviser will want to satisfy him/herself that the proposed portfolio correctly reflects your personal and financial goals. He or she will commit as much time as necessary to assessing your risk tolerance as this has a profound impact upon how the portfolio performs over the desired time horizon.

Most of the time, compromises need to be made here because, as you’d expect, all investors want fantastic returns with minimal risk and, while we’d love to be able to offer those dynamics, it would be disingenuous to give you the impression such a thing was possible.

Once your adviser is satisfied that he/she understands your needs, he/she will furnish you with a detailed written summary of his/her findings and an outline of the plan best suited to dealing with the areas that need attention.

About Us

Investment Process

With a direct focus on our clients, our investment process seeks to deliver tailored solutions in pursuit of a series of pre-defined, client-specific investment objectives.


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