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Spread Across Markets

M&B Capital portfolios are constructed from the ground up, component by component – every time. Our portfolios are built for individuals and individuals are unique as are their circumstances. There will always be disparity in terms of the quantity and category of securities contained in each portfolio but, usually, they will contain anything between 30 and 50 holdings. Our portfolios are commonly spread across market capitalizations and, of course, the various sectors identified by our highly-professional and experienced research and analysis teams.

Traditional & Contemporary Risk Mitigation

We make use of both novel and more traditional, time-honored risk mitigation techniques that are designed to insulate our clients against the ravages of unforeseeable market volatility.

That said, we place far greater importance on ensuring portfolios are built with an inherent capacity to offset the potentially damaging impact of such events by virtue of their diversification. This is a “prevention-is-better-than-cure” approach that we have never had cause to regret over the years.Generally, position sizes in individual securities will account for 1% to 5% of the portfolio’s overall valuation and very rarely will a single holding represent more than 10% of a M&B Capital-constructed portfolio.

As mentioned, we employ some more contemporary risk mitigation techniques in order to mitigate the potentially corrosive impact of market volatility on the value of assets held within our portfolios. Among these novel tools is a “covered call” option strategy and, occasionally, we will take short positions on certain assets but, as a general rule M&B Capital do not invest in options for speculative purposes. We only use covered call options in instances where that strategy is appropriate.

M&B Capital expertise encompasses global equities, commodities, corporate bonds and exchange-traded funds.


- Direct and unrestricted access to your dedicated portfolio manager.

- Bespoke investment solutions to align with your specific objectives.

- Flexible management process to accommodate your needs as your priorities change.

Understanding you and your objectives helps us to deliver a positive experience based on our performance as investment professionals and through the facility of quality service standards.


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Investment capabilities across all asset classes to optimize the allocation strategies required in order to meet the demanding investment requirements of your organization.


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