Investment Philosophy

Understanding "Value" vs "Price"

The sheer intricacy and interconnectedness of today's financial markets leaves little room for error. The fundamentals of our approach to equity investments remain largely unchanged in that we still recognize that knowing the difference between "price" and "value" is among the most important skills an investor can possess.

Higher Returns, Lower Risk

Focus on equity selection results in significantly higher returns and decreases exposure to investment risk but it is how we’ve refined our market entry timing that enhances the performance that our clients have become accustomed to. Our focus on picking the right stocks/assets and timing our entry represents the most effective and productive way to secure market-beating returns over the medium to longer-term investment horizon.

Rewarding the Patient Investor

In the past, it was preferable to possess deep knowledge of a small number of stocks rather than to achieve diversification using a large batch of shares. Recent global macro-economic conditions that are only now beginning to favor greater risk-taking meant that the principles of Modern Portfolio Theory took on a far more significant role when easing exposure to investment risk.

Our investment philosophy supports the patient investor with a longer-term view because it’s our view that this approach will achieve the best return with the least exposure to risk. In our view, the impatient, short term investor will typically fail to beat the market because, often, he/she is loath to wait until the fundamental “value” of an asset or security manifests itself in the “price”.

Investment Process

The Client Experience

Understanding you and your objectives promotes a positive experience based on performance and quality service standards.

Private Investors

We leverage upon our independent status to provide tailored financial management solutions in helping private investors and their families to overcome the challenges they face under the current economic landscape.


Investment capabilities across all asset classes to optimize the allocation strategies required in order to meet the demanding investment requirements of your organization.


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