Investment Process

Stating Our Commitment

Our process begins with a commitment to carrying out our fiduciary duty to the best of our ability. We know that it is no small matter to be appointed as a “trusted advisor” and when dealing with something as important as our clients’ wealth, we know that we must make every possible endeavor to repay the trust shown in us by doing our level best to achieve their objectives.

Before Speaking, We Listen

The first thing we do is listen intently to what it is you need to achieve. We listen to the length of time you believe achieving your objectives will take and, most importantly, we listen to how you articulate your feelings towards the prospect of fluctuations in the capital you entrust us to grow and protect for you.

A Clear Picture

It is only once we have firmly established a clear picture of what makes you tick financially that we’ll begin to talk about areas you may wish to consider improving. This might include the way you think about investing and what you consider to be “risky” or “safe”.

We’ll make sure you understand that there are no “get rich quick” solutions and that, while it is possible to make a lot of money as an investor, there are no shortcuts that do not expose your capital to unacceptable levels of investment risk.

Once we’ve crossed the “t’s” and dotted the “i’s”, we move on to discussing how M&B Capital intends to set about ensuring your financial future.

Our Approach To Investment

Approach to Investment


  Quantitative screen using proprietary behavioral models

  Model drive, repeatable, consistent, non-emotional


  Fundamental analysis on top 10%of initial universe

  Analyze non-quantifiable information

  Identify top securities within each sect


  Portfolio construction based on client risk profile

  Sector weighting in accordance with asset allocation model

  Diversify investment to align with client return profile


  Active analysis of portfolio holdings

  React to market events as assets fail to meet investment criteria

  Rebalance allocation to optimize risk control, quality and style

Investment Philosophy

The fundamentals of our approach to equity investments remain largely unchanged in that we still recognize that knowing the difference between "price" and "value" is among the most important skills an investor can possess.

Securities & Assets

Our portfolios are commonly spread across market capitalizations and, of course, the various sectors identified by our highly-professional and experienced research and analysis teams.


We leverage upon our independent status to provide tailored financial management solutions in helping private investors and their families to overcome the challenges they face under the current economic landscape.

- Tailored asset allocation strategies.
- Discretionary and advisory service mandates.
- Access to developed and emerging market places



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