Balanced Strategies

Active Management, Top Down Approach

Our approach is active and “top down” and, with it, we have consistently beaten the performance of the benchmark indices in both bull and bear markets.

While the performance of our representative portfolio – that is, one comprised of stock and security recommendations we’ve made over the years – has been particularly strong in periods of economic expansion, it is its ability continue to accumulate value during recessions and shocks that demonstrates the fundamental astuteness that supports our strategies and our research.

Decisive & Nimble

The decisions we make are strongly influenced by the fruits of the never-ending macroeconomic analysis we conduct which embraces fiscal and monetary policies, currency fluctuations, capital flows, investor sentiment and cyclical factors.

When committing capital to stocks, we home in on solid companies with strong fundamentals, low debt and convincing prospects for significant growth.

In the event that investments under-perform, we move swiftly and decisively to identify and reinvest in alternative securities offering superior potential returns.

Multi-layered Approach

In terms of the portfolio’s fixed income side M&B Capital has developed a multi-layered analytical approach that sets us apart from the herd mentality that governs the actions of so many of our industry rivals.

We meticulously gauge coupon/rate anticipation and duration balance, as well as – for corporate bonds – relative sector strengths, the individual credit default assessment and overall liquidity of the asset in order to make sure portfolios are sufficiently nimble and balanced.


For Institutions

Investment capabilities across all asset classes to optimize the allocation strategies required in order to meet the demanding investment requirements of your organization.


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