Investment Risk

Deep Analysis – Full Due Diligence

Without a shred of doubt, financial markets and their machinations have become particularly complex over the last two decades; more so since the 2008 financial crisis. There are a myriad of ways in which to turn a profit but an equal number of ways in which to lose money. Only through deep analysis and conscientious due diligence is it possible to mitigate the issue of risk and make the time we spend invested in the markets can be looked back on with positivity. We are consummate professionals who do not commit a cent to an asset until we have pored over the minutiae of the risk it harbors.

No Substitute For Experience

There’s no getting away from the fact that, as the investment market expands, there is a matching increase in complexity that can often baffle even the most experienced investor. M & B Capitals’ experience is always on hand and we deploy it to assess each and every stock, ETF, mutual fund, corporate bond or hard asset we recommend to or purchase on our clients’ behalf.

No Stone Unturned

Although the conduct of due diligence is imperative on the more complex investment types, surprisingly, it’s the everyday investment assets and types that require as much if not even closer inspection.

This is because, as they have been available for so long, investors wrongly assume they are safe. For example, with mutual funds, issues like high management charges, an investment style that deviates too far from the fund’s prospectus and exaggerated performance claims can make a seemingly straightforward investment far more risky than it appears and result in the erosion of capital.

Private Investors

Investment Process

With a direct focus on our clients, our investment process seeks to deliver tailored solutions in pursuit of a series of pre-defined, client-specific investment objectives.


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