Private Investors

Investment Management Services for Private Investors


Changes in global demographics mean we’re all living longer. The dynamics of an aging population mean that the investment methodologies of yesteryear no longer apply.

Traditional investment management can no longer rely on the simple compound interest of bank savings, real estate prices are out of the reach of an entire generation and the final salary pension schemes of old have all but disappeared.

Investing today – more than ever – requires the skill and knowledge that only a consummate professional can provide.

Sage Counsel, Deft Guidance

Interest rates remain at near all-time lows and, consequently it has become more difficult than ever to earn a modest return on investment.

 The good news, however, is that with deft guidance and sage counsel, it is possible to generate returns on your capital that are more than capable of taking care of you and your loved ones’ financial wellbeing well into the future. M & B Capital is that safe pair of hands that you can trust to stand as sentinels over your hard-earned wealth regardless of the prevailing market conditions.-

Client Experience

Understanding you and your objectives promotes a positive experience based on performance and quality service standards.

Core Investment Tenets

Our core investment Tenets create the foundations by which our investment discipline focuses on your unique concerns.

Investment Risk

Managing investment risk in line with your investment objectives in consideration of the systematic market forces responsible for volatility.


Our investment process encompasses what we believe to be the essential
components of modern investment management.

With a direct focus on our clients, our process seeks to deliver tailored solutions in
pursuit of a series of pre-defined, client-specific investment objectives.

- Committed to carrying out our fiduciary duty.
- Value driven investment philosophy.
- Active management style to optimize benefits of diversification.



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